Guidelines for Running a Tik Tok Contest

Running a TikTok contest may be new for many brands. However, the rules to follow when it comes to contest guidelines to follow are pretty much the same as other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

How to Include Sweepstakes Rules in Your Social Media Campaigns

As a Sweepstakes Company, here is what you need to know about the guidelines for running a TikTok contest.

Why Use TikTok for a Social Media Contest?

Simply put TikTok is fun and it’s addictive. It has also become a primary social platform for Gen Zers thanks to its short-form user-generated videos that have trended like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Thanks to the viral nature of videos on this platform, TikTok is the perfect opportunity for a social media contest. Not only can a TikTok contest bring tons of engagement for your brand, it can also bring you tons of new leads and sales!

To get started, here is what you need to do:

Choose A Contest Hashtag

Defining a unique hashtag for your TikTok contest will allow you to track entries and keep the sweepstakes content separated from the other content posted by your brand and followers of your brand.

To ensure that your entrants know what qualifies as an entry, make sure to write in your Official Rules for your promotion that any post that is made during the promotion that has the required hashtag will be considered as an entry for the contest.

Set Time Limits for Entry Videos

Make sure to specify a time limit of three minutes or less for entry videos to your TikTok sweepstakes to make it easier to review the entries. This also keeps things light and fun for your followers.

Include a Link to the Official Rules

Every time you make a new TikTok video, make sure that there is a link to your contest’s Official Rules. Put the link in the video itself, the video caption, or add the link to your bio.

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Although TikTok is best known for its dance crazes to popular songs, you’ll want to watch out for copyright infringement when it comes to your contest guidelines. Avoid requiring or allowing entrants to post entries that include copyrighted music, photos, brand logos or other intellectual property as per Contest Laws.

Review TikTok Terms of Service

Before your contest goes live, make sure that you review TikTok’s Terms of Service to ensure that your giveaway is in compliance with the latest version of the rules. You can also request a Sweeppea sweepstakes review of your TikTok contest.

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