Self-Service or Full-Service?

Whether you do it yourself or with our help, the Sweeppea platform offers the tools you need for campaign success.

Sweeppea’s Self-Service plan allows you to manage a text to win sweepstakes at a regional or national scale at a cost of $33/day for each day you take in entries. It’s a do-it-yourself plan that includes everything you’ll need to run your sweepstakes at a flat rate, plus 24/7 email and phone support. We’ll give you the support you’ll need to ensure your campaign is a hit!

Sweeppea’s Full-Service plan is a customized program that provides end-to-end text to win sweepstakes management. It’s a bring-on-the-experts plan where our experienced pros design and execute your sweepstakes.

Services included in Full-Service Plans

Setup & Execution Advice

We’ll provide advice during the conceptual development phase, set up your Sweeppea platform account, create Official Rules for your text to win sweepstakes, provide text for your ads and review all ad materials to ensure compliance with text messaging standards. Our text to win sweepstakes management team works with leading promotional marketing lawyers to ensure legal compliance for sweepstakes in your industry. We do everything possible to ensure your text to win sweepstakes goes off without a hitch.

Create Official Rules and Abbreviated Rules

We’ll provide advice on text to win sweepstakes legal compliance and draft your promotion’s Official Rules for participants, as well as Abbreviated Rules for all advertising materials.

Secure SAB Approvals for Alcohol Sponsors

If you sell an alcohol product, we’ll submit your text to win sweepstakes to State Alcohol Boards for promotional review and approval if the sweepstakes will be open to residents of AL, IN, ME, MD, NC, VT and/or WV.

Official Rules Page

We’ll create a custom Official Rules page online so your text to win sweepstakes rules are accessible to all interested parties and participants.

Entry Page

The Sweeppea platform creates a mobile optimized form to collect additional information from participants like name, email, address and other answers. The Entry page is hosted by Sweeppea, but can easily be embedded in your website.

Thank You Page (entry confirmation)

Each participant will be directed to a Thank You (entry confirmation) page once the entry is completed. This page can be customized to include additional offers or call-to-actions for your entrants.

Winners Page

We will provide a publicly available web page to host the list of winners for your sweepstakes.

Surety Bonds & State Registrations

Depending on the structure of your prizes, Florida, New York and Rhode Island may require bonding and registration. We’ll file your promotion, if required, and make sure your text to win sweepstakes is compliant.

Winner Drawing & Verification

We’ll randomly draw winner(s) from all eligible entries and verify their compliance with the Official Rules of your text to win sweepstakes.

Publicity & Liability Release

Winners must sign a written Affidavit verifying eligibility and confirming their compliance and agreement with the Official Rules in order receive their prize if it’s valued at $600 or more.

1099 & 1096 IRS Forms

Winner(s) who have received a prize of $600 or more will receive a 1099 MISC form declaring the value of the prize(s) as required by law for tax purposes.

Alternate Means of Entry (AMOE)

If needed, we’ll host P.O. Boxes to collect written entries, giving participants an alternate or no-cost method of entering your text to win sweepstakes.

Prize Fulfillment

We’ll pack and ship the prizes to your winners. Prize fulfillment fees are based on prize size, weight, quantity and total prizes shipped.

Insured Prizes

When a big cash prize is key, we help facilitate Prize Indemnity Insurance to allow you to offer a substantial cash prize and pay only a portion of the cost.

Travel Fulfillment

We help serve as “travel agents” for winners whose prize is a trip, by providing travel coordination, reservations and itinerary management.

Sweepstakes Marketing Services

Text Message Marketing

Increase sales and social followers by sending text messages to participants with educational messages, article links, videos, and special offers or coupons. Sweeppea will write up to 3 message suggestions for approval. Once approved, we will send messages to participants and provide campaign reporting.

Sweepstakes Promotion Services

Sweeppea partners with sweepstakes and contests websites that advertise promotions to their members via email, social and web search. The websites that provide these services are called promotion aggregators.

Network: Sweeppea partners with 17 promotion aggregators in the U.S.
Reach: 1M members.
Service: Sweeppea prepares the promotional summary and instructions for entry to meet the aggregator’s requirements and presents the promotion for approval. Once approved, the promotion is distributed to their audience.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your campaign’s participants by leveraging your social media channels. Sweeppea will design the images and write social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your sweepstakes and encourage entries.

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